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Intel Credit Consultants Terms of Use

Effective December 01, 2020
This Website Terms of Use Agreement (“Website Terms”) is between you and Intel Credit
Consultants, its past, present, or future parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, predecessors, assignees,
successors, and their respective agents, employees, directors, officers, partners, and members
(whether acting in their corporate or individual capacity) (“Intel Credit Consultants,” “we” “ICC”
or “us”), with a principal place of business at 22200 W 11mile RD Southfield MI, 48037.
Notwithstanding any language in the Website Terms to the contrary, the Website Terms have
the same effect as an agreement in writing and govern your use of this site and its content (the
“Website”), your engagement of Intel Credit Consultants, your request that Intel Credit
Consultants contact you about its credit repair services.
ICC Privacy Policy applies to your use of Intel Credit Consultants website, all services provided by
us, your request that Intel Credit Consultants contact you about its credit repair services.
1. About the Website Terms
The Website is a service made available by Intel Credit Consultants. If you do not agree to the
Website Terms, you may not use the Website. We may modify the Website Terms at any time. If
you do not agree to the changes, you must discontinue using the Website, discontinue using Intel
Credit Consultants services, rescind your request that Intel Credit Consultants contact you about
its credit repair services, and/or discontinue your participation in Intel Credit Consultants Text
Message Program before the changes take effect. Your continued use of the Website, use of
Lexington’s services, request that Lexington contact you about its credit repair services, and/or
participation in Intel Credit Consultants Text Message Program after any such changes take effect
constitutes your acceptance to such changes. Each time you visit or log in to the Website,
continue using Intel Credit Consultants services, continue your request that Intel Credit
Consultants contact you about its credit repair services, and/or participate in Intel Credit
Consultants Text Message Program, you reaffirm your acceptance of the Website Terms. You are
responsible for regularly reviewing the Website Terms, by clicking on the “Terms and conditions”
link at www.Intelcreditconsultant.com. The Website Terms may be supplemented by additional
terms and conditions applicable to privacy, specific areas of this Website, or to where particular
content or transactions are posted areas of the Website and, together with the Website Terms,
govern your use of those areas, content, or transactions.
2. About the Website
The Website gives users information about Intel Credit Consultants repair services, general
educational and informational resources about credit, and the ability to sign up for and engage
Intel Credit Consultants services.
3. Engagement of Intel Credit Consultants Services
You are not required to engage Intel Credit Consultants services in order to visit and read material
on the Website; however, you will need to engage Intel Credit Consultants services if you want it
to assist you in your efforts to improve your credit reports and rating. If you engage Intel Credit
Consultants, you agree to provide accurate and complete information. You must be legally
capable to enter contracts. It is your responsibility to make any updates to your sign-up
information. Each engagement is for a single person only. We do not permit any other person to
engage Intel Credit Consultants services on behalf of another unless you have an appropriate
Power of Attorney. You are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. If you believe there
has been unauthorized use, you should notify Intel Credit Consultants immediately by emailing
4. Case Files
Should you choose to engage Intel Credit Consultants services, you will enter into a separate
written agreement with Intel Credit Consultants. Each legal file we create in conjunction with this
separate written agreement is called a “Case File.” Your Case File will continue to be subject to
the agreements otherwise governing them, except where so noted in the related agreement.
Each Case File will be subject to the following:
 The terms or instructions appearing on a screen when using the service.
 Intel Credit Consultants policies and procedures applicable to the Case File and the online
 Applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
5. Access to Case Files
You authorize Intel Credit Consultants to provide access to your Case File through its online
services. You may access your Case File at www.Intelcreditconsultant.com (the “Client Website”)
to obtain account payment information, a sequential docket of services provided, and notes
made to the file, credit report information received from you by Intel Credit Consultants and
input into your file, your disputing instructions, and other information. To access a Case File
through the online service you must have a password and the required hardware and software.
Subject to the terms of this agreement and any separate written agreement(s), you will generally
be able to access your Case File through the Client Website seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
Case File information is posted to the file at the time work is completed on the Case File.
At certain times, the online services may not be available due to system maintenance or
circumstances beyond our control. During these times, you may call Intel Credit Consultants at
(248)633-6676 or send an E-mail to consultant@intelinvestllc.com to obtain information about
your Case File.
6. Ownership
The Website contains information, content or advertisements text, photographs, designs,
graphics, images, sound and video recordings, animation and other materials and effects
(collectively, the “Content”) that are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade
dress, patents or other intellectual or proprietary rights owned by Intel Credit Consultants and
Intel Invest LLC. All trademarks and copyrighted information contained on the Website are the
property of their respective owners. Further, Intel Invest LLC retains all rights (including
intellectual property rights), title and interest in the Website, technology, and all underlying
technology and data including any enhancements, software, applications and improvements
related to the Website (the “Technology”) (the terms Content and Technology collectively will be
referred to as the “Materials”). You may not remove from any electronic or printed copy any
copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notice.
7. Use of Website and Materials
Intel Credit Consultants provides the Website and the Materials for your individual, noncommercial use and solely for the purpose of carrying out individual transactions with the
Website. Any other use of the Website or the Materials is strictly prohibited. You may not, either
directly or indirectly:
 Modify, republish, redistribute, delete, resell, sublicense, publicly perform, cache by
proxy the Website or Materials without the express written permission of Intel Credit
Consultants or the applicable rights holder.
 Use the Materials for telemarketing, direct marketing, and commercial mass e-mail or by
agents or representatives or e-mail spammers.
 Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, merge, copy, use, disclose, rent, lease, loan,
sell, sublicense or transfer the underlying source code or structure or sequence of the
Technology or delete or alter author attributes or copyright notices.
 Use any network monitoring or discovery software to determine Website architecture, or
extract information about usage or users.
 Reformat or frame any portion of the Website or Materials.
 Use any device, software or routine that interferes with the proper working of the
Website, or otherwise attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Website.
 Take any action that imposes or may impose in our sole discretion an unreasonable or
disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.
 Attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems.
 Violate the Website Terms, applicable law or the rights of others; or disrupt or interfere
with the security of, or otherwise cause harm to, the Website.
Any permitted use of the Website does not extend to using the Website or Materials for any
illegal purpose, or to transmit to or through the Website or to or through any service any illegal,
harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, hateful, pornographic or other objectionable
material of any kind, or to interfere with, abuse or otherwise violate the legal rights of any third
party using the Website or Materials.
Without limiting other remedies, we may limit, suspend, or terminate our service and user
accounts, prohibit access to our website, remove hosted content, and take technical and legal
steps to keep users off the Website if we think that they are creating problems, possible legal
liabilities, or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies. We also reserve the right
to cancel unconfirmed accounts.
8. License
By using the Website, uploading content to or submitting any materials for use on the Website,
you grant (or warrant that the owner of such rights has expressly granted) Intel Credit
Consultants a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use,
reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and distribute such
materials and/or information generated through use of the Website or incorporate such
materials and/or information generated through use of the Website into any form, medium, or
technology now known or later developed throughout the universe. We need these rights to host
and display your content.
Anonymous, aggregate information that does not contain personally identifiable information,
comprising account information, or other available data that is collected through your use of the
Website, may be used or licensed by Intel Credit Consultants for various purposes including but
not limited to conducting certain analytical research, performance tracking, benchmarking,
helping to improve products and services and to assist in troubleshooting and technical support.
9. Automated Activity
The Website may use robot exclusion methods, which include robots.txt files and HTML meta
tags, which expressly allow and/or exclude specified automated programs from accessing certain
portions of the Website. Much of the information on the Website is updated on a real time basis
and is proprietary or is licensed to Lexington by our users or third parties. You agree that you will
not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Website for any
purpose, including but not limited to performing “offline” searches and mirroring, without our
express written permission as indicated in the then current robots.txt file or HTML meta tags on
the Website. Additionally, you agree that you will not bypass our robot exclusion methods or
other measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Website.
10. Representations
You represent and warrant to us that (a) you are legally capable to enter contracts, (b) you are
always providing us true, accurate and up to date information about yourself, (c) you will always
comply with the Website Terms and applicable law and (d) your use of the Website and any
transactions that you make with us will not violate the rights of any third party.
Intel Credit Consultants services and Website, the underlying information, software and
technology are subject to U.S. export controls. None of the Website services or content may be
downloaded, or otherwise exported or re-exported (i) into (or to a national or resident of) Cuba,
North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria or any other country subject to U.S. sanctions applicable to the
export or re-export of goods, (ii) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department’s List of Specially
Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List, or the U.S. Commerce Department’s Denied
Persons List, Unverified List, Entity List or Nonproliferation Sanctions List. By using Lexington’s
services and Website, you agree to the foregoing and you represent and warrant that you are
not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such
list, and that you acknowledge you are responsible to obtain any necessary U.S. government
authorization to ensure compliance with U.S. law.
11. Disclaimer
Intel Credit Consultants makes every effort to ensure the information presented in, on or through
its Website is accurate; however, Intel Credit Consultants makes no guarantee as to such
information and is not responsible for any resulting loss or damage.
13. Warranty, Liability, Indemnification
Intel Credit Consultants makes no representations regarding the availability and performance of
its Website. You hereby acknowledge that any use of the Website and reliance upon any
Materials shall be at your sole risk and that Intel Credit Consultants shall not be liable for any loss
of data, lost profits or any other damages or losses resulting from such use.
14. Indemnity
You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Intel Credit Consultants, its officers, directors,
employees, agents, representatives, vendors and distributors from and against all claims,
liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, or fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that
such parties may incur as a result of or arising from your (or anyone using your account’s)
violation or breach of any representation or obligation under the Website Terms. We reserve the
right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to
indemnification by you and, in such case, you agree to cooperate with our defense of such claim.
14. Privacy
We may, subject to and in accordance with our Privacy Policy for marketing and other purposes,
collect, process and transmit certain data obtained from and about you during your accessing the
Website or during a phone consultation, including information collected during an abandoned
transaction. By agreeing to the Website Terms, you agree to such data being so used and further
agree that it may be transmitted to others whether within the United States in accordance with
our Privacy Policy and under applicable privacy and data protection legislation.
15. Electronic Notices and Transactions
You agree to transact with us electronically. This means you agree to accept any terms and
conditions and to transact any business with us by electronic means, which includes receiving all
documents in HTML or PDF format and communicating over the Internet. You also certify that
you are at least 18 years of age and have access to the Internet to receive Intel Credit Consultants
services, to request that Intel Credit Consultants contact you about its credit repair services, to
participate in Intel Credit Consultants Text Message Program, and to view, print and retain all
documentation. You authorize us to send you important notices about the Website and any
pending transactions to an email address you provide to us, if you are a client of Intel Credit
Consultants or have requested that we contact you about our credit repair services. It is your
duty to keep your email address up to date and to maintain a valid email address and to ensure
that emails we send you are not filtered or stopped by spam filters or other types of email
blocking functionalities. If you no longer desire to transact electronically with us, you may no
longer use the Website or Intel Credit Consultants services. You can retrieve and review the
Website Terms at any time by visiting https://www.IntelCreditConsultants.com and may receive
paper copies by calling Intel Credit Consultants at (248)- 633-6676.
16. Access
You are responsible for obtaining at your own expense all equipment and services needed to
access and use the Website, including all devices, Internet browsers and Internet access. If you
access the Website or a Website application through a mobile or wireless device, you are
responsible for all fees that your carrier may charge you for data, text messaging and other
wireless access or communications services.
17. Notice Regarding Technology
Your use of the Website must comply with all applicable laws in the territory in which you access
and use the Website.